Map the DIY habits of the UK

The DIY habits of the UK have been exposed, with a new survey revealing the top gardeners are in the south and the best electricians can be found in Scotland and Wales.

European DIY marketplace ManoMano has compiled a map of DIY habits across the country, revealing:

  • DIYers in the south of England are big into their bathrooms, kitchens and plumbing
  • Top gardeners can be found in the south, but the worst are in London and the north-east of England
  • Northern DIYers mostly keep on top of their interior design with paints, wallpaper and flooring.
  • Northern Ireland has the most tool-savvy fixers
  • The best electricians are in Scotland and Wales.

Among the UK’s love of DIY shopping, the most popular purchases highlight some obscure fun finds for several cities in the UK.

The map was created to mark International DIY Day earlier this month. 

Philippe de Chanville, co-founder of ManoMano, said: “International DIY Day has been created to encourage more people to embrace DIY, by getting started or completing any long-awaited projects – big or small.“

“The day perfectly resonates with ManoMano’s original and long-term aim to make DIY and home improvements more accessible and affordable, especially by providing a first-of-its-kind customer experience in a sector that is still dominated by long-time established brands and traditional retail chain,” adds co-founder Christian Raisson.