Only an April fool would miss Home Improvement Month

It’s no April Fool’s joke – April 1 marks the start of Home
Improvement Month, a time to inspire and encourage homeowners across the
UK to take pride in their homes and give them a revamp.

Home Improvement Month is now recognised across the nation with more and more members of the public eager to get involved, by taking on a project and in turn reaping the rewards of an improved and happier home.

However, although tackling a DIY project can be exciting, many homeowners may be concerned about how best to carry out the work.

Consumer champion Checkatrade has come up with five top tips to tackling home improvements without the help of an expert:

  • Plan – although it is easy to ‘go with the flow’ when decorating or renovating, it is important to plan to ensure no key steps are missed along the way. It is also paramount to bear in mind the budget and any tools and equipment required for the task ahead.
  • Permits – if homeowners are taking Home Improvement Month to the next level and tackling structural changes, then it is important to ensure all necessary permits are in place.
  • Tools – a no-brainer before starting any project is ensuring DIYers have the correct equipment for the job in hand. The best quality tools are going to help the overall project run smoothly and help create a professional finish.
  • Protect – this goes for both areas of the house and homeowners themselves. When decorating, remove, or protect furnishings and surfaces that could get damaged in the process. Homeowners may also be using products and equipment that can be potentially harmful, making the use of overalls, gloves and dust masks is essential.
  • Realistic – the final, and probably most important tip is to be realistic when facing a project. Homeowners need to know their budget and capabilities to ensure they don’t bite off more than they can chew. If they are faced with something they don’t know how to tackle, then it’s time to call in the experts.

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