Put a spring in your step with some seasonal design tips

Spring is here – so it’s time to shake off the winter blues and spruce up your home with a splash of colour.

Here are 10 of the best interior design picks for your home this spring, as chosen by Homewings co-founder and designer Cornelia de Ruiter.

Pops of Greenery: Greenery is the Pantone Colour of the Year and it is seeping into every inch of our homes. This trend (see left) is easily incorporated with pillowcases, throws and other small accessories. If you are daring, a statement green wall in your living room will add brightness to the space, giving the illusion of natural light. This quirkier trend can also be incorporated in smaller sections of the home, by simply painting a doorframe or window sill.

Tropical Prints: In recent years, Tropical Print wallpaper has become a go-to element to liven up small spaces, such as bathrooms. This Spring, the playful print has found a new home in soft furnishings. Think ‘banana leaf’ cushion covers, bold tropical upholstery and leafy framed prints that can all breathe life into any space.

Supersize Your Plants: Goodbye Teacup Cactus, hello Assertive Greenery! This Spring is all about bringing the outside in, so think tall and plush corner plants, resting in large and colourful statement pots.

Fearless Mix & Match: This trend (left) is all about clashing patterns (in a good way), bringing items that would not usually go together into the same space. To make sure this trend doesn’t overwhelm, stick to small furnishing and details. Create a window display of potted plants in lively patterned ceramics or insert a couple of funky covers into your couch cushion line up. This trend also works wonders in the bedroom with pillowcases, for example, bringing a lively injection of colour.

Go Organic: Organic and raw materials have begun making their way into our homes, with more and more must-have items being designed to celebrate their natural materials. This season, we are seeing wooden tables, cork furnishings and natural colour schemes.

Geometric Pastels: One word: Sleek. Think Pastel Geometrics with precious accents to give a light, yet luscious, feel to the space. Incorporate pops of brightness with playful cushions or small accessories dotted around.

Canadian Tux for your interiors: Denim Drift: The full-Denim trend has made its way from the catwalks to our interiors with Denim Drift being named the Dulux Colour of the Year for 2017. Adding a sense of calm to any space, this trend lends itself very well to paint-based interior elements such as walls, or to living room furniture such as side boards and shelving units.

White Hot: Clean and natural white elements are working as a fire extinguisher this season, and this will calm the eclectic fire with pops of pristine porcelains and crisp ceramics.

Artisan: the new DIY: The return to natural materials has fueled a resurgence of the artisanal side of interior design. Even at the lower end of the price spectrum, designers are putting more and more emphasis on the artisanal and one-of- a-kind. Consumers have responded by purchasing more and more investment pieces, rather than resorting to quick-fix DIY.

Texture, Texture, Texture: One of the top two interior trends from this winter has come back in a new colour palette, entering our homes dressed in luxe roses, dusty charcoals and mustards. Think pleated velvet, folded cotton and plush XL-stitched yarn.