Put your money where your kitchen is for quick sale

A new kitchen could be the key to a quick sale as the feature has been deemed to be the greatest influence on a home buyer’s decision to purchase a property.

About 47 per cent of people said a newly installed kitchen would sway their thinking when it came to looking for a new home, according to a survey from home services marketplace Plentific.com.

A new kitchen may also help sellers get more for their property, as 28 per cent of buyers said one would also influence their likelihood of offering a higher price.

A new bathroom ranked second on both lists, with 46 per cent admitting it would affect their decision to buy, while 27 per cent said it could warrant a higher price.

Regarding whether home improvements affect the final decision to buy, new windows (45 per cent) ranks third, followed by a new boiler (43 per cent), a new extension (34 per cent) and new loft insulation (33 per cent).

At the other end of the table, 31 per cent of home buyers claimed that a new conservatory would affect their decision to buy. New garden landscaping (29 per cent) follows this and new lighting (23 per cent) sits at the bottom of the table.

In contrast, the order changes when compared to how home improvements affect the buyer’s decision to offer a higher price. New extension climbs the rankings to take third with 26 per cent, whilst a new conservatory is also ranked highly with 23 per cent of home buyers feeling this warrants a higher price. Extensions to the property clearly have a stronger influence on the offer than the decision to buy for potential buyers.

Which of the following new home improvements would influence your decision to buy or your decision to offer a higher price?
Home Improvement Affects decision to buy Affects decision to offer a higher price
New Kitchen 47% 28%
New Bathroom 46% 27%
New Windows 45% 23%
New Boiler 43% 20%
New Extension 34% 26%
New Loft Insulation 33% 17%
New Kitchen Appliances 31% 22%
New Conservatory 31% 23%
New Garden Landscaping 29% 18%
New Lighting 23% 12%