Spruce up your bedroom for a touch of glamour this Valentine’s

It’s the most romantic time of year – but while many couples wholeheartedly embrace Valentine’s Day, others try to avoid it.

A study from the University of Illinois found there are four different types of couples, who will each find a different way to celebrate this annual occasion.

To mark this Valentine’s, the Dreams’ Sleep Matters Club decided to find what might be in store for each couple and how they might improve their bedroom décor to keep their passion alive.

  • Partner Focused Couple – The ‘Soppy’ Couple

These couples are 100 per cent dependent on each other and this Valentine’s Day, they’ll no doubt enjoy a candlelit dinner, champagne and presents galore.

To spruce up their bedroom, they could add a touch of opulence with a chandelier, scented candles on the bedside cabinets, a vase of fresh lilies and new bedding – with just a touch of red to highlight their passionate side.

  • Socially Involved Couple- The ‘Chilled’ Couple

With a large group of mutual friends, you’ll probably find this couple on a double date or a group night out this Valentine’s Day.

A collage frame can celebrate those long-forgotten memories, while letter cushions can personalise their private space.

  • Conflict Ridden Couple- The ‘Intense’ Couple

From being madly in love one minute to hating each other the next, this couple enjoy a relationship of extremes. For Valentine’s they’ll either have an evening of passion or tears lined up, depending on what happens during the day.

In their bedroom, they should opt for a calming grey colour, which is the most relaxing, complemented by a shag pile that provides a cosy way to wake up. Velvet and silk are the best fabrics to provide curtains fit for a boutique hotel.

  • Dramatic Couple- The ‘Emotive’ Couple

With plenty of ups and downs, this couple can focus on the negative – but they’ll probably have a lovely time this Valentine’s, unless one of them forgets the occasion!

In this couple’s bedroom, a canopy over the bed can create an intimate den, while scatter cushions can provide a variety of textures and colours. Fairy lights can add instant romance, while the low brightness prepares our bodies for rest.

Courtesy of: The Sleep Matters Club