The crafty bathroom hacks you can make at home

It’s one of the most important rooms in your home – but three out of four Brits are unhappy with their bathrooms.

If they’re too outdated or too small, here are 10 crafty bathroom hacks to improve your space and give your bathroom a quick makeover, courtesy of Soakology.

1. Mason jars

Spray painted mason jars are a great storage solution for your toothbrushes, cotton buds and any other bits. Simply clean the jar with rubbing alcohol to remove dirt, then spray paint it in your desired colour. Rub down the edges with sand paper for a rustic look. If you don’t have much surface space, attach the jars to a wooden plank on the wall for easy access.

2. Ladder towel storage

You can pick an old ladder up from a second-hand shop or car boot sale for a few pounds. Simply lean it against the wall and neatly hang your towels over the rungs. Add some rubber stoppers to the bottom to make sure it doesn’t slide. Paint it bright to add a pop of colour to the room or sand the edges for a vintage look.

3. Rope rug

An easy way to give your bathroom a nautical twist. Simply roll the rope into a spiral until it’s the perfect diameter. Join it together with silicone adhesive and cover one side with canvas to make it more sturdy. Wait for it to fully dry before using. For an instant update in the future, you can spray paint it whatever colour you like.

4. Letter Sign

For a quick and easy bathroom sign, attach letter tiles to a piece of scrap wood and feed some rope through the top. You could even personalise the sign with your family’s names or your favourite quote.

5. Wooden bath caddy

Bath caddies are useful for holding books, snacks and candles- all the ingredients for a perfect relaxing soak. You can buy an expensive caddy or make your own by taking a scrap plank of wood and sanding it down. Scaffolding boards work brilliantly when cut to size. Varnish or paint it for a smoother finish.

6. Printable labels

Organise your toiletries easily by printing off labels on clear label sticker paper. There are sites that offer free services to create your own labels. Add these labels to some clear containers for a cool, contemporary way to store your items for easy access.

7. Magnetic cabinet organiser

To make your morning routine easier, put some magnets on the inside of your cabinet door. You can then attach hair clips, tweezers, nail scissor and any other magnetic bathroom items. Cover the magnets in fabric for a prettier look. They will stick to the door with a glue gun.

8. Fairy light lamp

This simple lamp will add a touch of sparkle to the room. Take a set of battery-operated fairy lights and place them inside a jar or glass container of your choice. Plug in fairy lights are not advisable in the bathroom as this is a hazard. Place on a windowsill or shelf for the ultimate mood lighting.

9. Upcycled mirror

There are loads of ways to do this. For a quick fix, spray the frame in a contrasting colour to make a statement. Alternatively, stick items to the frame to match your room theme. Shells will look great in a nautical room whereas old jewellery and gems will sparkle in a glitzy bathroom.

10. Bath tap door hooks

For a fun twist on door hooks, use traditional screw style bath taps. You’ll find these in any DIY store or even at scrap yards on old bathroom suites. Attach these to the back of your door and hang your towels or dressing gowns up. These taps also work great as alternative door handles.