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Tiling a wall

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Keep checking the horizontal level of each row by placing a stick on top and checking with a spirit level.

Choose the correct ceramic tile adhesive. Most are sold ready mixed, but a few others have to be mixed with water. Check the side of the container for the approximate area the adhesive will cover.

Use a waterproof tile adhesive for areas likely to get wet or be splashed by water. If the prepared wall surface is wall board, use a flexible adhesive, which is also heat resistant if the tiles are being laid next to a fireplace or cooker.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and using a notched spreader (often supplied with the tub of adhesive) or serrated trowel to spread the adhesive onto the wall. Cover a manageable area for laying approximately 6 tiles. Use a layer of adhesive on the back of the tile and press into the desired position.

It is very important to lay the first tile correctly, as its position will determine the position of all the other tiles in the room. Remember to use plastic spacers, card or matchsticks to regulate the distance between the tiles. These areas will be grouted when the wall is complete and must be equally spaced for neat, accurate results.

Use a spirit level to check the horizontal level of each row. Leave the wall for 24 hours.

Then remove the battens and cut the border tiles and fix in a similar way, using a tile cutter. Remove the plastic spacers or thick card and grout the tiles.

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