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Try not to have too much paste on the brush as it can drip or splash. Spread the paste along the centre of the length as far as the pasting table will allow. Smooth the paste outwards toward the edges in a herringbone fashion.

Pull the paper along the table and gently fold over so that the pasted sides are inside the fold. Continue to apply the paste using the same method for the remainder of the length.

It is helpful to move the length so the side you are pasting slightly overlaps the table edge. Check that all the paper is evenly pasted, especially the edges.

While the paste is soaking into the length (check the manufacturer’s recommended length of time - longer time for heavier papers), with most papers it is worth pasting the next length while waiting.

Wipe any paste from the board with a damp cloth before placing another length face down on the pasting table. There is then a pattern of working where one length is soaking while the other length is hung.

It is important to allow each length to soak for roughly the same amount of time, to allow for equal stretching to enable easy alignment of lengths, particularly important on patterned lengths.

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