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Hanging wallpaper

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Hanging Wallpaper

Take the folded length to the wall adjacent to the window. If there are more windows in the room, start next to the largest one. It is always advisable to work away from the source of light, to help diminish any slight overlaps casting shadows and making the seams obvious from the doorway. It does not matter whether you start from the left or right hand side of the window.

Start and continue in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction around the room. Use a step ladder to reach to the ceiling. Open out the length and position the top against the ceiling, leaving a little over for trimming. Guide the length along the edge of the pencil line drawn on the wall. Remember, wallpaper must be hung vertically. Do not press the length to the wall at this stage, just manoeuvre to line up with the straight edge.

Stroke the hanging brush down the centre of the length to force out air, then gently brush towards the side edges. When the top is in place, open the bottom fold in the length and brush it in the same way. Smooth the hanging brush, gently pushing air out to the sides from the centre, taking care not to stretch the paper in any direction.

At the top and bottom, rub the back of the scissors into the angle of the ceiling and skirting in order to mark the paper where it needs to be trimmed. Peel the paper back and cut to these lines, then press the length back into position. Check the length against the light to check that it is pressed to the wall without any air bubble trapped behind.

If there are any visible creases, ease the paper away from the wall and brush the paper out correctly. They should be dealt with while the paste is wet as they will spoil the finished surface. Discard the unwanted pasted off-cuts immediately into a rubbish bag, as they will be much harder to remove if they dry and stick to another surface.

Continue the process by hanging the next length adjacent, making a neat butt joint along the seam with the previous length. If there is a pattern to match, gently press into position against the seam before brushing into position. Smooth the length in a similar way and trim the top and bottom.

Once two or three lengths have been hung, use a seam roller to lightly smooth down the seams. Be careful not to press down too hard and flatten if the wallpaper has an embossed or textured pattern.

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