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Papering arches

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Papering arches

If the archway forms part of a wall section - above a window, in an alcove or between two rooms add an extra inch of paper to follow the length of the shape of the arch along the wall. Cut the shape, paste and hang.

Smooth the paper down onto the wall, joining the seams as with all wallpaper lengths. Where it overhangs the arch, cut small V shapes all the way round the arched section. This will enable the paper to turn under the arch smoothly and neatly without any creasing.

Once the wall section above the arch has been completed, cut a length of paper the width of the archway. If necessary, try to match the pattern before cutting. Start at the lower end of the arch and line up with the adjacent papered wall. Then start at the other end and line up in a similar way, allowing the two pieces to meet at the top of the arch, in the centre.

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