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Papering by plugs and switches

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Plugs and switches

When papering a length including a plug or switch, always turn the electricity supply off at the mains. Then unscrew and loosen the plastic covering. It is unnecessary to remove the cover completely.

Position the length of paper in a similar way to any other length. Feel for the switch / plug location through the paper. From the centre of the switch / plug, make a small hole with the scissors followed by diagonal / star-like cuts to each corner. Hang the rest of the length first before cutting out the shape of the switch / plug.

Cut the edges to enable just a fraction of paper to be screwed under the plastic cover once it is replaced. Use the brush to push the paper behind the switch / plug from all directions.

Check for any trapped air bubbles and then remove any excess paste from the plastic cover with a cloth. When you are satisfied with the finish, screw the fitting back and turn the electricity supply on.

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