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Grout is available in a variety of colours, but the standard colours are white, grey or brown. If you are unsure of the colour to use, mix pigments of colours with dry powdered grout and attempt to match the colour before adding the water.

Use a plastic scraper or a rubber-bladed squeegee to push the grout between the gaps in the tiles. Make sure all the spaces are evenly filled and then wipe the grout off the tile surface before it dries.

Use a blunt edge of a stick or tool carefully, to smooth the surface of the grout in the gaps - but do not ‘dig down’ into the grout. Remove any excess grout before it dries.

Waterproof grout must be used in a shower area and around a bath or wash basin. The gaps between the shower-tray , edge of bath or wash basin need a flexible, silicone rubber caulking compound (available in a choice of colours) as these fittings have slight movement, normal grout will soon crack and discolour as it allows water to seep into its cracks.

An alternative to using silicone compound is to use quadrant tiles around the edges. Allow the wall to dry completely before polishing the surface of the tiles with a dry cloth.

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