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Identifying a faulty circuit


Electricity is dangerous and can be hazardous. In doubt? Call a qualified electrician.

Identifying a faulty circuit

To identify a faulty circuit causing fuses to blow or MCBs to reset, can be a tricky process.

Initially try to remember what appliance was switched on, or what happened at the time the fault first occurred. The two reasons for a fault occurring are circuit overloading and a short circuit in the system.

Overloading Overloading is a relatively easy problem to solve, it is caused by using too many appliances on one circuit exceeding the power rating for that circuit, causing the fuse to blow. The solution is simple, never use all the appliances on that circuit at the same time.

Short Circuit

If the circuit is not being overloaded the next step is to inspect all the outlets, lights, flexes and appliances using the blown circuit. Look for damage that could have caused a short circuit and repair it if possible. If you can find no damage and the cause of the circuit failure is not overloading then it is time to call in an electrician.

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