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Types of lighting


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Types of lighting

Choose a light that is double-insulated or that has been wired with an earth conductor. Double-insulated lights will show the double box symbol - .Before deciding on a particular form of lighting, check the bulb types - shapes and wattage which can be used with the selected light, as there are many different types available.See Types of light bulb for more information.

Traditional Traditional wall lighting is more often decorative rather than practical. The idea is adding soft lighting to the room through candle shaped bulbs concealed behind parchment shades, they are designed as a feature to look at rather than see or read by.

Enclosed fittings Enclosed fittings are useful in a hall, landing, porch or in a bathroom. Many of these designs are weatherproof and therefore are suitable in a damp bathroom area.

Spotlights Spotlights are very fashionable and versatile as they can send beams in any direction when mounted on adjustable arms. They can be used to illuminate cupboards, desks, pictures, mirrors or seating areas. However care must be taken when positioning a spotlight to avoid dazzle when seen from another angle. This problem is easily overcome when the lighting is high up the wall or on the ceiling.

Fluorescent Fluorescent tubes can spread light much further over an area. They are not as fashionable, but there are modern slimline versions and they do have the advantage of bright lights with minimum heat given off. They are more efficient than filament lights at turning electricity into light and cheaper to run. They are easy to conceal with a pelmet or decorative skirting painted or papered in the design used in the room.

Fluorescent lighting tubes give off different types of light. The cold, whiter lights are particularly useful in a loft, workshop or shed. In the house do not choose a blue or greenish shade, as they are bad for your eyes if used alone and also can make you look ill. It is better to choose a warmer yellow colour for a softer lighting effect. There are a variety of diffuser shades on the market, which soften the glare.

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