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Floor tile calculator

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Once you have decided on the tile, note its length and width and measure the room carefully. Measure its length and divide it by the length of one tile. Round up the number of tiles to the next whole number. Now measure the width of the room and divide that by the width of the tile, round up the number of tiles to the nearest whole number. Multiply the two whole numbers together. This will give the number of tiles required to tile the room. Try the Calculator below to give you a rough guide to the number required.

It is always wise to buy a few extra tiles in case of accidental damage in the future. They are easy to cut and are suitable for areas where complicated cuts have to be made.


Step 1, Enter the tile width


Step 2, Enter the tile length

cm inches

Step 3, Enter the room width

metres feet

Step 4, Enter the room length


Step 5, Click this button to calculate the number of tiles required

Number of tiles required:

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