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Home safe


Home Safe

There are different types of home safe available for different locations in the house. The safe that fits behind a power point is a steel box whose front resembles a power socket on the wall. There is no electrical wiring connected and the drawer is accessed via a key, which is inserted in one of the pins. This gives a small secure space, which is suitable for storing jewellery and cash.

Bolts can attach from the inside of a strong steel box to the joists of a suspended timber floor to give a suitable safe. It is usual to fit this type of safe inside a cupboard space, built in wardrobe or loft space where it is less conspicuous to people visiting the home.

Either a combination lock or a seven-lever lock can secure this safe. It can be a larger box, suitable for jewellery, cash and documents.

An underfloor safe can be fitted and covered by carpet or a rug. This type of safe is designed to sit below the flooring between the joists of a wooden floor. It is secured by a combination lock, operated by three dials. It can be a longer box suitable for documents, jewellery and cash.

Valuables can also be hidden around the house, in cans or jars, on the end of a curtain rod and numerous other places.

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