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Security lighting

Security lighting

Security lighting comes in many designs and can be used in conjunction with most light fittings. The lights are fitted with integral sensors, so that when a movement is detected, the light switches on. Halogen bulbs are more suitable for particularly dark areas, as the light is brighter.

If you intend to fit more than one light, look for a system, which can incorporate several lights connected to one PIR (passive infrared sensors) light. Check the range of light required, usually measured in metres covered by the PIR unit and the degree of protection, the field of vision covered by the PIR unit. Some lights come with daylight sensors, which ensure night-time operations only. Some can be operated manually, which is of benefit when lighting is required in the garden for a longer period of time. This type of lighting is easy to fit and operate.

There are PIR stand-alone units, which can be fitted to existing incandescent light fittings. They will automatically switch on the light it is used with if the PIR detects movement in its range. False triggering of the system can be reduced by using an intelligent ‘Adaptive Window Technique’ PIR.

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