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Insulation of cisterns and pipes

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Insulation of cisterns and pipes

Use a Bylaw 30 kit to insulate your cold water storage system. It will include a jacket and other equipment needed.

It is sensible to insulate your central heating expansion tank at the same time. Insulate a run of pipes with an insulating blanket cover if possible. Otherwise it may be necessary to insulate each individual pipe with foam sleeves. It is simple to use, as it just needs to be pushed on to the water pipes in order to insulate them.

The split sleeves, made from flexible foamed plastic are available in various lengths ranging from 1m (3 feet 3 inches) to 2m (6feet 6 inches). It is relatively straightforward to fit a cylinder jacket, which normally consists of a piece of polythene filled with glass fibre insulation and lag pipes in order to save energy costs. Savings made on heating bills will easily offset the cost of the jacket.

Glass fibre or mineral fibre blankets can be used to insulate square or rectangular tanks. They will need to be tied on with string or tape and covered with a sheet of hardboard, to hold in place. Cover the hardboard with the fibre blanket as well. Remember to check that no gaps have been left after completion.

Remember that by insulating the floor of your loft space all the pipework and tanks will be exposed to much cooler temperatures as they have lost the heat escaping through the house.

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