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Erecting a fence

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Erecting a fence

If you are erecting a fence, there are a number of considerations to take into account before deciding on the materials to use:

Will the fence be exposed to high winds? All fences, particularly a solid fence 1.2m (4 feet) or higher will require very sturdy posts. An open fence, such as chain link is stronger in high winds as it offers little resistance.

Is the fence bordering a public area?

Planning permission is required if you want to erect a fence greater than 1m (3 feet 3 inches) high, which fronts a public road.

Is privacy a factor?

There are various solid fences available - such as panels, which come in a number of heights or widths. If the section is a difficult size - not a standard width, use closeboards to build either a vertically or horizontally boarded solid fence.

How high is the fence going to be?

Planning permission is required for any fencing which is greater than 2m (6 feet) high.

Do you favour a chain link fence?

Well suited to exposed areas which will suffer from high winds as the fencing offers little resistance.There are other open fences similar to chain link - such as wire or plastic netting, post and wire fences or shorter decorative wire fences.

Do you favour a wooden fence?

There are many different styles of fencing available in wood. Some are solid fences - such as panels,closeboarded vertical or horizontal or wattle fencing. Others are open fences - such as

If you have decide on a wooden fence, there are still decisions to make:

Are you going to build your own fencing? Are you going to use ready-made panels?

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