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Dishwasher Troubleshooting

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The appliance must stand level and on firm ground. The floor should be clean and free from floor polish and grease. The appliance has adjstable feet at the front. If necessary adjust the front feet. Should the machine be built under a worktop in a built-in kitchen, it may be necessary to remove the table top of the machine. NOTE: To comply with Safety Regulations, the machine must be installed in such a way that there is no access to live parts or internal connections with functional insulation.

The appliance should be connected to a hot water supply up to a maximum of 70°C.

NOTE: The machine must not be connected to single outlet instantaneous electric or gas heaters.

The machine may be connected: directly to a tap with 3/4 inch BSP thread termination. to a T-junction on your existing tap preferably, to a completely separate water supply in order to avoid interference with the kitchen water supply during operation of the machine.

If a longer water supply hose is needed it should be a single run of high pressure hose bursting strength of 60 bars. Do not add extensions to hoses.

Under no circumstances should cheap garden hoses or similar types be used. Ensure that the hoses are connected by means of screw connections with suitable hose clips. Turn the water tap off when the machine is not in use.

The dishwasher is supplied with a water pump, controlled by the programme to pump off the water up to a height of 1m. The minimum height above floor level should always be 30cm. (The maximum extension, when installed horizontally is 3m, at a height of 85cm above floor level.)


The recess at the back of the machine offers sufficient space to accommodate the outlet hose for installation to the right or left of the machine. When connecting the outlet hose make sure that it ies freely in the recess at the back of the machine and is neither kinked nor crushed on the floor.

The crooked end of the drainage hose must be hooked on or attached otherwise at a minimum height of approximately 30cm above floor level.

When connecting to a trap with appliance connection - without drainage hose extension - the internal diameter of the connection must be 15mm minimum. NOTE: The appliance must be earthed.

If you think your machine is not working properly: Before you call out a Service Engineer check the following points carefully. These checks could prevent a charge being made calling out an Engineer.

If the programme does not start, check:

If water will not enter, check:

If the dishes are not clean, check:

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