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Installing a washing machine

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The washing machine must be level and all four feet should be in firm contact with the floor.

Each foot is adjustable but normally it is only necessary to adjust one of the front feet to achieve stability. Failure to make the washing machine level may affect stability and vibration. Use a spirit level sitting on top of the machine to check the level before use.

The drain hose (hooked pipe) is secured to the rear of the machine by support clips and may be routed to the right or left as required. The drain hose should be placed in a stand pipe with a minimum internal diameter of 38mm (1.5 inches)or it can be positioned over a sink. The height of stand pipe or sink should be between 60 and 100cm (24 and 40 inches). Care must be taken that the hose is not obstructed, twisted or that the end of it is not submerged in water. If the hose is connected with an airtight joint, provision should be made to prevent syphonage.

Both hot and cold water supplies are preferable and they should be between 34.5 kN/m2 (5 lb/in2) and 1034.2 kN/m2 (150 lb/in2) pressure.

The hose having the red end fitting should be connected between the hot supply and the threaded connection adjacent to the letter H on the rear of the machine.

The hose having the white end fitting should be connected between the cold supply and the threaded connection adjacent to the letter C on the rear of the machine.

Remember to insert a sealing washer at each connection to ensure watertight joints. Do not overtighten the connections by using tools - hand tight is sufficient to prevent leaks.

It is generally more convenient to have these supplies away from the sink taps. Where no suitable hot water supply is available or it does not meet these requirements, both inlet hoses may be connected to a cold supply by using two taps, or a Y junction on the plumbing. However use of cold water will only increase programme times.

NOTE: the maximum temperature should not exceed 70°C (158°)

WARNING: This appliance must be earthed.

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