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Installing a garden tap

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A garden tap is a useful addition to any sized garden. It stops the need to traipse through the house every time a bucket of water is required.

In order to prevent contaminated water being drawn back into the system, a non-return valve should be used as part of the plumbing. Brass taps are normally made for maximum weather resistance. There are complete kits on the market which are designed for the DIY enthusiast.

The simplest kit contains the tap, wall fitting, a stop valve and a supply connector. There are others which include easily workable plastic supply pipe, an automatic supply connector for breaking into an existing pipe without turning off the water supply and push-fit connectors for jointing.


The tap must be positioned where it is going to prove most useful. It should be sited over a gully, drain, pathway or at least on top of very hard ground. If sited above grass or soil, it is very likely that muddy patches will appear when there is some spillage which is often inevitable.

It is useful to fit an automatic hose reel next to the siting of the tap, which can be easily connected for convenience. A hose can be attached for use with a lawn sprinkler, for washing the car or for use with building work.

It is sensible to keep the run of outside pipe as short as possible and to provide a means of shutting off the water and draining the system during cold winter months. When the siting is decided and you have chosen a suitable connection point to the rising main, you are ready to begin the fitting.


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