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Clearing blocked gullies

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Gullies are a common source of blockages.

If the blockage is in the trap, it is quite easy to clear from the gully. If the trap is clear, try pushing a rod up the inlet of the inspection chamber in the direction of the gully. If the gully is very deep, try plunging. The surface of the gully should be covered completely. Use a mop head or rags wrapped in an old towel attached to a length of wood to tightly pack the surface creating as much pressure as possible when you start plunging.

When clear, rinse the gully with a hose and sprinkle disinfectant to cleanse the system. Sink waste is often contaminated with grease and when the gully is blocked use boiling water and a rod to disperse the blockage. If a rod isn’t available try using a wire coat hanger to help dislodge the fat.

If the area is still too difficult to clear, try using a solution of caustic soda, being careful to follow the instructions on the packet carefully.

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