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Cutting slate to replace a broken slate

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Cutting Slate

If the slate has broken then a replacement will be required. Remove the existing broken slate see Removing a damaged slate. Check with a builder’s yard for a spare slate. Otherwise look for a similar piece of slate.

Slates come in varying sizes and colours. Always try to get slate of a similar colour to make the repair less conspicuous. The slate should also be the same thickness. Mark the shape and size of the replacement slate on the back of a piece of slate and with a sharp point of a tile cutter, score the surface as deeply as possible. Then with bevelled side down, keeping the cutting edge in line with the side of a bench, use a bricklayer’s trowel to chop the edge.

It is important to use the side of the bench as a guideline. Repeat on all sides needing to be cut. Once the tile is the correct size, mark the position of the nail holes and drill them out, using a bit size similar to the nail size.

If you have a few tiles to cut, consider hiring a slate cutter or angle grinder to enable good, clean edges.

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