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Replacing an area of tiled roof

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Replacing an area of tiled roof

Remove the tiles from the area needing replacement see Removing a damaged tile. Lift the tiles in the row immediately above the highest ones needing replacement. Prop them up with wooden wedges and lift them two at a time. Work on removing the top course of tiles and work down to the course below and continue down the roof line as far as necessary.

Replace the tiles by starting on the lowest course and hooking each tile over the batten by its nibs. Check that you have lined the tile up correctly and it is centred directly between the two tiles immediately below it. If the tiles require nails, finish each course by nailing the tops of the tiles to the battens with galvanized or aluminium alloy nails.

Otherwise aim to nail alternate courses of tiles. When you arrive at the top course of tiles to be fitted, use the wooden wedges to lift the tiles in the course above. Slide the new tiles into position. Shift one of the wedges along and repeat the process along the top course. If you are fitting single-lap tiles, work from right to left to account for easier fixing of the interlocking sections.

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