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Checking the condition of a felt roof

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Most flat roofs consist of a timber decking nailed to the roof joists covered with three layers of roofing felt. They are often used on house extensions and garages. Using a layer of proprietary chipping compound, such as limestone, gravel or granite on top of the layers of felt, strengthens the surface further. The idea is for the surface to reflect rather than absorb sunlight, thus helping to protect the felt.

Checking the condition of a felt roof

Should a felt roof be replaced?

If patch repairs are regularly necessary, it may be time for the roof to be re-covered. It can be difficult for an amateur to decide whether to attempt a repair or replace the roof. If you need advice about the soundness or safety of your roof, contact one or two builders for their opinion.

Alternatively, pay a surveyor or architect for an unbiased report on its condition. A contractor, who will guarantee the work completed, should undertake major roof repairs or replacement of sections.

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