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Removing an old felt roof

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Removing a felt roof

Use a tool with a sharp blade, such as a wallpaper scraper or garden implement like a spade. Strip off the top two layers by damaging the bonded surface to allow the removal of sections. The lowest level of felt is normally nailed to the surface of the timber roof. You will therefore need a claw hammer to remove all the roofing nails before this layer of felt can be removed.

Remove all the felt material and brush the surface of the wooden deck, removing any odd nails left. At this stage it is wise to check the condition of the decking for any defects. If any boards are found to be in a poor condition or rotten, remove and replace with new boards.

The new boards should be coated with preservative before fitting into their positions. It is important to use a preservative other than creosote on the timber if you intend to recover the roof with felt. This is because creosote will not work well with the bitumen material used with a felt roof.

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