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Sealing the Flue

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Sealing the Flue

An unused flue can be draughty and allow rain to enter the stack. If you have no intention of using the fire place and chimney facility, it is possible to seal the flue. However care must be taken to allow ventilation inside the stack to keep it dry and avoid a build up of dampness due to possible condensation.

There are two main methods to seal the flue correctly:

  1. Ventilator caps

    There are two types of ventilator caps available. There is a metal cap, which clips into the chimney top. This is a very simple ventilator to fit. The second type is made of clay. This type needs mortar to set it in position in the chimney pot.

  2. Use of airbricks

    Alternatively, remove the pots and remove a brick from both sides of the stack. They should be removed on opposite sides, as they will then be replaced with airbricks, which will allow the air to pass through freely.

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