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Repairing metal flashing

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Displaced Flashing

If the section of flashing has come away, usually at the top, it can be easily repaired. Remove any crumbling mortar and clean the area with a brush. Tap the flashing back into position with a hammer. Use small strips as wedges to help hold the flashing in position. Repair the area with a 1 : 4, cement ; sand mix, adding a little PVA adhesive to help it bond to the remaining surface. If any of the surrounding brickwork needs re-pointing complete that task at the same time.

Corroded or torn flashing

If the flashing is torn or badly corroded then it has lost its value for weatherproofing. Remove it but leave the soakers in place. Soakers are separate small pieces of lead or zinc that are used to weather between the wall and the roof covering. The size of the soakers will vary according to the type of tile or slate used on the roof.

Replace the flashing with a section of flashing strip, moulding it or using a roller to position it. It is not necessary to cut the strip into steps, unless required for the sake of appearance. It is also unnecessary to insert the strip into the mortar joints.

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