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Keep danger locked away


Relaxing in the garden during the long hazy days of summer is something we all enjoy. However, a source of danger lurks menacingly close by in many gardens, threatening the whole family. To the unsuspecting, it is all too easy to catch a finger on unprotected gardening equipment or trip over a rake or spade. Always store gardening equipment tidily and remember that safety guards are there to prevent accidents.

Every year over half a million accidents happen in the garden.

Make sure you do not become one of them!

Keep danger locked away

  • Always ensure that tools with sharp edges are kept out of reach of children and stored safely
  • Never pour chemicals into drink bottles. A child may drink it by mistake.
  • Always keep chemicals in their original containers and out of reach of children.
  • You are less likely to have an accident if your shed is tidy.
  • Broken glass can be a hazard. Clear it away immediately.

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