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Candle Wax

Washable Fabrics

Allow the wax to harden - you can speed this up by putting the item into the fridge or freezer. The majority of the wax should be easy to break off. To remove any remaining wax, put the affected part of the cloth between two sheets of brown paper or pieces of clean absorbent material. Using a warm (not hot) iron gently move over material, replacing paper or material when necessary, continuing the process until wax is removed. Some of the stain may remain, this can be treated with a dry cleaning solvent. Then give the item the hottest wash the material will take.

Non Washable Fabrics

Treat as for washable instructions, when wax is removed take to the dry-cleaners.

Carpets and Furnishings

Treat furnishing as for non-washable fabrics. Using ice cubes in a plastic bag, place on wax to set. Use the same method to set the wax on carpets. Most of the wax can be picked off. On any remaining wax, put a clean absorbent cloth over the stain and iron. Remove any remaining stain by rubbing with methylated spirits, then shampoo.

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