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Washable Fabrics

It is essential to mop up as much as possible at once. Remember coffee can dye fabrics. Dissolve biological detergent in very warm water and soak item as long as is needed to remove stain. Rinse in cold water, then wash as usual.

Non Washable Fabrics

Mop up, carefully sponge with warm water. If the stain persists take to the dry-cleaners.

Carpets and Furnishings

Mop up, then sponge with clear water. Blot up excess liquid then treat with cleaning solvent. Most coffee stains on carpets respond to being sprayed with warm water from a soda syphon. Persistent stains can respond to a mixture of 1 part glycerine to 1 part warm water; applied to the stain and left for half an hour then sponged off with warm water.

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