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Washable Fabrics


Clear glues: (Bostik 1 - UHU) Acetone or an oily nail polish remover can be used to dissolve glue, wiping off with a clean cloth. It is advisable to check effect this may have on dyes, by first trying out on the inside of a hem.

Contact adhesives: (Bostik 3 - Evostick) Immediately plunge into cold water until adhesive is removed. Do not allow to dry.

Epoxy adhesives: (Bostik 7,Araldite) Using methylated spirits on a clean cloth, remove at ONCE, before it starts to harden and set.

Animal or fish glues: This should come out in cold water, otherwise dab with household ammonia, then rinse off. Persistant stains can be soaked again in a biological detergent in warm water.

Latex glues: (Copydex, Cow Gum) Remove with a wet cloth while still wet, if dried scrape off. Glue on fingers can be simply rubbed off.

Plastic cements: Remove as much of the cement as possible with a cloth, making sure cement is not spread further around. Other than on acetates, acetone can be used. Manufacturers, sometimes supply their own solvent solutions.

Superglues These will stick immediately. Act immediately if glue gets on your skin, clothes or furnishings by placing a pad soaked in cold water over the spot which should gradually peel apart.

Non Washable Fabrics

Remove what you can of the glue carefully with a cloth. Have item dry cleaned as soon as possible.

Carpets and Furnishings

Follow the same instructions as for washable fabrics.

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