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Washable Fabrics

Immediately immerse in warm water containing 15 ml (one tablespoon) of borax in 500 ml (one pint of water) Allow to soak for a while, then after rinsing in cold water, soak again in warm water containing a biological detergent. Rinse in plenty of cold water, then wash as normal immediately. If stain remains after washing, try methylated spirit.

Non Washable Fabrics

Mop up excess, sponge carefully with a biological detergent dissolved in warm water, blot, sponge off with cold water, blotting off excess. If article remains stained, take to dry-cleaners as soon as possible.

Carpets and Furnishings

Mop up excess, then carefully sponge with a solution of 15ml (one tablespoon) of borax to 500 ml (one pint) of water followed by a commercial stain remover. Do not let the stain dry. If necessary shampoo.

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