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Pillows that have synthetic fillings carry the manufacturer’s washing instructions, they should never be dry cleaned. Feather pillows can be washed by hand in warm soapy water. Do not rub, squeeze gently then thoroughly rinse. Washed feather pillows should be hung on a line, shaken often to ensure the feathers do not become matted. This method can also be used for foam pillows, except after rinsing, foam pillows can be laid flat to dry.

Woollen Blankets

Small stains can be sponged with mild detergent, taking care not to get too wet, then lightly sponged with lukewarm water. It is not advisable to wash woollen blankets as they weigh very heavy when wet. Dry clean. Synthetic and other types of blankets should be taken to dry cleaners.


Mop up stains as soon as possible. Feathers or down should be pushed away from the stained area as much as possible, treat stain with a mild detergent, avoid making the stained area too wet. Larger stains need to be dry-cleaned. Using a washable cover on the duvet could avoid further stains.


Mattress when stained should be tipped on its side. Sponge off urine stains with washing-up liquid in cold water, then sponge off with weak disinfectant in cold water. Blood stains should be sponged with cold salt water carefully, making sure the mattress does not become too wet. Rinse with cold water, then treat with an upholstery shampoo.


Mop up any liquid as soon as possible. Using a soda syphon, if available, squirt on to stain. Make sure the water sprayed on does not penetrate the carpet backing, it may cause damage. If possible prop up the back of the carpet, it will speed up the drying process. When dry shampoo the whole carpet to give a good finish.

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