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Using a steam stripper

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Steam stripper

​Heavy duty wall coverings can prove difficult to remove. By using a steam stripper, the job can often be completed more efficiently. Strippers can be bought or hired.

Steam cleaners also have attachments which supply a plate for the same purpose. The tank of the machine is filled with water and sealed.

After a short time (approximately 10 minutes) the machine will indicate that it is ready to use. Follow the instructions for the machine you are using, but generally the plate is held against the wall while the steam penetrates the area. Strip lengths of paper by continuing along the seam.

If stripping walls, it is easier to start at the bottom and work up the length of paper, scraping the loose paper away. As you strip away with the scraper, move the stripper up in order to start preparing the next section.

When the tank of water is empty, wait until the system cools before removing the cap and refilling with water.

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