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Decorating the glass panels in an internal door

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It is possible to create a modern or classical design on the glass to match an existing style, feature or paper in your home. You could use a template or design your own style. Use leading strips and glass paint to create a smart new look.

Choosing your glass design

The easiest way to draw on the glass is when it has been cut to size and is laid flat on a smooth surface. This will help prevent any glass paint running when you apply it. Use a template or trace design and position on the glass. It is important to keep the design central to the window, especially if the design is a symmetrical pattern.

Draw the design on the glass with a marker pen. This drawing is the major part of determining a successful finish, so take time and care to line it up in the correct position, removing any mistakes before going to the next stage.

Applying the leading strips

The leading strip should then be applied over the design on the glass. It will be necessary to cut and join sections as you work round the design. The joints should be sealed with the relief paint to avoid different coloured paints running through gaps into other sections.

Decide on the colouring and apply the paint. If you want a paler effect, apply it thinly over the section. It is wise to leave the glass panel for 24 hours to allow the paint to completely dry on the flat surface before fitting in the door.

Inserting the glass panel in the door

The door should be rubbed down and painted, or stained and varnished before the glass panels are positioned in the door. Use panel pins and beading to fix the glass in position on the door.

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