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Some door knockers incorporate a letter box, known as postal knockers. There are horizontal and vertical postal knockers available. Decide whether to use a postal knocker or a letter plate, which uses an inner flap to stop draughts and give a more attractive finish to the inside of the door.

Fitting a letterbox

Decide on the position of the letterbox. Use a spirit level to check its horizontal or vertical site. Use its shape as a template and draw round it with a pencil. Measure the position of the spring mechanism and flap and mark this rectangular opening. Drill holes in each corner of the wasted section of wood in the rectangular opening. Use a padsaw or preferably a jigsaw to cut along the marked lines. Next mark the positions of the fixing bolts.

Drill a hole from the front of the door, and by holding a spare block of wood on the other side of the door, you will stop any splintering of wood as the drill bit passes through. Smooth any rough edges with glasspaper before tightening the fixings nuts with an adjustable spanner. The bolts are supplied to fit all door thicknesses and they could protrude further than required on the inside of the door. A hacksaw can be used to cut the bolts back if necessary.

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