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Cutting wood by hand

Cutting wood by hand

A saw uses a row of teeth that act as a succession of cutting edges. The size and shape of the teeth vary in different saws. This means that a saw may be suitable for one type of work but unsuitable for another.

A good saw needs accurate set as well as sharpness. Set allows the saw to cut without clogging, due to the teeth being bent out from the blade, with alternate teeth in opposite directions. It is this facility which allows the line of cut to be adjusted as you work along the wood.

The handle of the saw is important for both strength and comfort. Wooden handles are useful when the saw is going to be used for long periods of time as it absorbs perspiration. Plastic handles may not be as comfortable to hold as wooden ones, but they are often stronger.

Take care of the saw when it is not being used. It should be kept out of reach of children - hang them up in an upright position. Oil the blades before storing to prolong the life of the blade and prevent rust forming.

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