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Image of CarPlan Screen Wash Booster 500ml CarPlan Screen Wash Booster 500ml

Add to screen wash to boost the freezing performance. Can cope in extreme weather down to -65°C. Can be used to make 25Ltr of screen wash. Alleviates odours and leaves a fresh cherry fragrance. Supplied in a handy-sized bottle allowing it to be easily...

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Image of CarPlan Wheel Cleaner 600ml CarPlan Wheel Cleaner 600ml

Acid-free wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types, including chrome, unlacquered, split rims, anodised and damaged wheels. Removes baked-on brake dust, road grime, dirt, grease and oil quickly and effectively with no brushing required and minimal...

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Image of No Nonsense Foam Gun Cleaner 500ml No Nonsense Foam Gun Cleaner 500ml

Use with gun adaptor to clean guns and spray nozzles. Removes all uncured PU foam. Suitable for gun and hand foam. Ready to use.

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