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Accesories to BS 1363 may be supplied through a ring final circuit, with or without unfused spurs, protected by a 30 A or a 32 A protective device complying with BS88-2.2, BS 88-6, BS 1363, BS 3036, BS EN 60898, BS EN 60947-2 or BS EN 61009-1 (RCBO). The circuit shall be wired with copper conductors having line and neutral conductors with a minimum cross-sectional area of 2.5mm² except for two-core mineral insulated cables complying with BS EN 60702-1, for which the minimum cross-sectional area is 1.5mm². Such circuits are deemed to meet the requirements of Regulation 433.3.3 if the current-carrying capacity (Iz) of the cable is not less than 20 A and if, under the intended conditions of ues, the load current in any part of the circuit is unlikely to exceed for long periods the current-carrying capacity (Iz) of the cable.

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