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Alarm contact with resistors

This is for alarms that use resistors, most common alarm panels do NOT use resistors.


This shows a a surface contact with a shunt resistor* in this configuration there is more than one door on the circuit. The resistor is connected to the two silver screws, along with the wires. it does not matter if it touches the centre screw, but it is not connected to the centre screw. (it only looks like it is because of the angle, look at 2nd picture to see what i mean)


This shows a surface contact with shunt and End Of Line resistors*
This configuration is used for the last door in the circuit, OR if there is only the one door in the circuit.

NEVER use a door contact on the same circuit as a movement detector.

Movement sensors must always be on their own circuit

* resistor value depends on the panel being used

This is my choice of colours for the wires, once you have chosen your colours, stick to them to avoid confusion

Detectors are wired in a similar way (havent got one for a pic) but using my 2nd picture for refernce

the silver screws will be alarm or N C & C

The green wire will go into ONE T terminal

The resistor (that the green is connected to in my case) will go into the other T terminal

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