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Flat twin + earth and 3 core + earth cables

Twin and Earth (T+E)

This has 2 core carrying the load and an earth. this is NOT 3 core


Cables are specified by the Cross Sectional Area (CSA) of their live & neutral conductors. This is measured in mm². Unfortunately a cable of, say, 10mm² is
often loosely referred to as 10mm cable, giving the false impression to people not familar with cable sizes that they just need to measure the width of the cable with a ruler. The table below gives some typical overall cable dimensions for some standard flat T+E cable sizes. Note that cables from different manufacturers will vary slightly from these dimensions.

Judging what cable size you have:

CSAOverall DimensionsDiameter of each Live/Number of strandsApprox Measurement across
  Neutral copper core strand bundle of strands (‘diameter’)
1mm² 7.8mm x 4.25mm 1.13mm 1 (solid core)  
1.5mm² 8.2mm x 5mm 1.38mm 1 (solid core)  
2.5mm² 10.3mm x 6mm 1.78mm 1 (solid core)  
4mm² 11.9mm x 6.25mm 0.85mm 7 2.56mm
6mm² 13.5mm x 7mm 1.04mm 7 3.13mm
10mm² 17.1mm x 10mm 1.35mm 7 4.05mm
16mm² 19.4mm x 10mm 1.71mm 7 5.12mm



3 Core and Earth (3C+E)

This has 3 cores for carrying the load and an earth. mostly used in 2 way lighting circuits and interlinking smoke alarms.
3 core is also often used to power a fan, i.e permanent live, switched live and neutral.


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