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Electrics in the UK

Caution Caution
If unsure you should seek expert advice rather than risk accidents.
Always disconnect from the mains electricity supply before installation to a circuit.
Check that the correct fuses are used before re-connection to the mains electricity.

If you have any questions relating to UK Electrics, please post them in the Electrics UK forum, for queries relating to Electrics from Outside the UK, please post them in the Electrics outside the UK forum.

* Part P (England & Wales)

* Building Warrants (Scotland)

* Safety Information

* What is Low Voltage?

* How many sockets and circuits should I have?
* Abbreviations and Definitions
* Burglar Alarms
* Cable Types
* Electrics:Earthing Supply types and Bonding
* Electrics:Fire Alarms
* Electrics:Fuses and Miniature Circuit Breakers
* Electrics:Heating Controls
* Electrics:Inspection and Testing
* Electrics:Installation Techniques
* Lighting & Lamps
* Main Protective bonding (was Main Equipotential Bonding)
* Electrics:Outdoor electrics
* Electrics:RCDs
* Electrics:Socket Circuits
* Special locations inc Bathrooms and supplementary equipotential bonding
* Electrics:Telephones
* Electrics:TV Aerials
* Electrics:17th

*Electrics:Over the years

* Other useful info

* Hall of shame

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