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BT telephone socket wiring

Conn No.Usual Cable ColourCarries
1 N/A No connection
2 Blue with White Bands Speech and Ringing
3 Orange with White Bands Ringing
4 White with Orange Bands Not used but usually connected for neatness
5 White with Blue Bands Speech and Ringing
6 N/A No connection

Be warned however that the above colour codes may not have been followed

The top drawing is also a little incorrect.

BT’s leg A connects to terminal 5, and leg B to terminal 2. This was due to a design/manufacturing error…....not that it makes too much odds, 99% of devices will work with either polarity.

Also, terminal 4 is best connected on extensions when two lines share the same cable - it prevents cross talk, and prevents the possibilty of the second lines phones tinkling when the other line rings.

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