The Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Multi-Purpose Tool

Read our review of the ‘Bosch PMF 10.8 Li’ is a multi-purpose all round tool, the cordless cousin of the ‘Bosch PMF 180 E Multi’.  Offering more flexibility by ditching the power cord in favour of a 10.8V 1.3Ah Lithium Ion battery.


Any work involving your roof may bring to light all sorts of defects and weaknesses, so be prepared to spend more money than you think. Depending on the authorities in the part of the country where you live, you may have to build a permanent staircase to your attic if it is going to be ‘habitable’ – that is, a living room or bedroom.

Skills shortage hits electicians and plasterers

A skills shortage that hit bricklayers and carpenters has now spread further across the construction industry, driving up the costs for small firms, according to the Federation of Master Bricklayers (FMB).

Forget your keys with a smartphone door lock

Put your keys away – opening your front door may soon just be a tap away on your smartphone. Yale has released details of a new lock that allows homeowners to configure, control and unlock your door via a Bluetooth app.

Bring the outside indoors with the colour of 2017

It’s a striking shade of green that is said to symbolise ‘new beginnings.’ Now Pantone 15-0343, or Greenery as it’s better known, has been named Colour of the Year 2017 by the colour designer.

Which football fans are most likely to avoid DIY?

With the football season heading rapidly towards its conclusion, watching the beautiful game has become the perfect excuse to avoid DIY – but which fans are most likely to dodge their household chores?

Pull the plug on avocado bathroom suites

Most bathroom renovations are designed to add value to a property – but some have exactly the opposite effect, especially if they happen to be the colour of an avocado.