The Bosch PMF 10.8 LI Multi-Purpose Tool

The ‘Bosch PMF 10.8 Li’ is a multi-purpose all round tool. It is the cordless cousin of the ‘Bosch PMF 180 E Multi’ giving it even more flexibility by ditching the power cord in favour of a 10.8V 1.3Ah Lithium Ion battery.

The PMF enables you to saw, sand and cut a variety of materials with one tool and having a Lithium-Ion battery means good power to weight ratio of the battery and no significant self discharge or memory effect. The PMF also has an ‘Eco-Electronic’ mode; when this is set the speed the tool operates at continuously varies in an effort to maximise battery runtime.

What it contains

The Bosch PMF 10.8 Li comes complete with a compact carry case which contains:

  • BIM segment saw blade for wood and metal, 85 mm – ACZ 85 EB (2 609 256 943)
  • HCS plunge-cutting saw blade for wood, 32 x 40 mm – AIZ 32 EC (2 609 256 947)
  • Delta sanding sheet set, Wood, 93 mm (2 608 605 165) – Pack of 6 sheets – 2 x 240G, 2 x 120G, 2 x 60G
  • Delta sanding plate 93 mm – AVI 93 G (2 609 256 956)
  • 1-hour Li-Ion charger – AL 115 CV (2 607 225 515) – 3.6V-10.8V – 2.5A
  • Battery pack (2 607 336 863) – 10.8V, 14Wh, 1.3Ah



  • Recommended Retail Price: £149.98
  • Battery voltage: 10.8 V
  • No-load speed 5000 – 20000 rpm
  • Oscillation angle on left /right 2.8°
  • Weight including battery 0.9kg


At first glance, I was a little sceptical about the justification for purchasing this multi purpose tool. Unless you’re looking to buy a delta sander, you may be of the opinion that no one job would compel you to buy the PMF, at least that was my initial thought. However, after using it for several days, I realised the value and flexibility of the PMF.

I was in the process of fitting a kitchen when I received the PMF, and immediately it came into its own. The rear panel of a cupboard needed cutting away for the sink to be plumbed in. This had already been cut before the cupboard was fixed in place, however for one reason or another extra access was required and more of the rear panel needed cutting away. As pipes were already running behind the cupboard and access was limited a jigsaw could not be used. The PMF with its wood cutting blade and small size was ideal for this job and quickly got me out of an awkward situation without endangering or damaging the pipes in the immediate vicinity. The PMF cut through the rear panel with considerable ease in a cramped working environment.

During the short time of owning a PMF, it has already proved useful on numerous occasions. It cuts through waste pipe very easily giving a nice straight, smooth cut. On another occasion I needed to cut a floorboard in situ. The PMF cut was very neat and certainly less destructive and more accurate than a similar cut using a circular saw. It easily cuts through plasterboard, for example making holes for sockets or switches. This tool is a great all rounder which enables you to complete a job with minimal fuss and mess.

The ‘Eco-Electronic’ mode is an excellent feature, the tool varies the running speed depending on the task being undertaken. Under no load the speed is at its minimum, but as you start to cut (for example), the PMF increases the speed to the level required to complete the job effectively. This variation is supposed to increase the time between charges and from what I can tell it does make a valuable impact.

There are over twenty different attachments available for the PMF to enable you to complete a wide variety of tasks. These range from scraping, grout removal, sanding, sawing/cutting of wood, metal, plastics, fibreglass, plasterboard and tiles. I think it provides excellent value for money when you consider what can be accomplished with this tool, saving both time and using minimum effort. The battery powered cordless operation enables you to use the attachment safely in many awkward locations. The multiple supplied attachments (plus many more available separately) and the excellent build do not disappoint and give the quality and versatility expected of this Bosch item. It is a solid, reliable tool with well made and easy to use attachments, providing the flexibly of use for a variety of jobs in multiple situations.