Types of hammer and their uses

How to use a hammer A hammer, your sturdy and reliable partner in many home improvement projects, is a pretty straightforward tool to use, though there’s some finesse to getting the best results. Primarily, a hammer is used to drive nails into materials like wood or plaster; you can also use it to remove nails. […]

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Screw Sizes

Screw Sizes Explained

What do screw sizes mean? Screws are listed in a couple of different ways depending on when and where they were produced. In the UK and Europe, screws are listed in a metric format. Most suppliers will only list the screw sizes in metric, for example, 5 x 70mm. Imperial units used to be used

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Using a steam stripper

Steam stripper Heavy duty wall coverings can prove difficult to remove. By using a steam stripper, the job can often be completed more efficiently. Strippers can be bought or hired. Steam cleaners also have attachments which supply a plate for the same purpose. The tank of the machine is filled with water and sealed. After

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Pointing The mortar between bricks may break away and become uneven – this leaves the brickwork more porous as water collects in the damaged joints. The visible edge is called pointing and keeps a wall both weather-resistant and attractive. If pointing is necessary, use a narrow cold chisel and a club hammer to chop out

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Rendering It is essential to remove any dirt or grime from the wall. The most efficient way of doing this is hosing the area with a strong jet of water or pressure washer. If there is evidence of mould growth, use a fungicidal wash over the area before starting the repair. If the brickwork still

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Preparing wooden surfaces

Introduction When painting doors or windows, where possible remove handles and other “furnishings” first. If the old paint surface is in a good condition it can be left as a sound base for painting over. Clean the surface with sugar soap and water, then lightly sandpaper, this will provide a key for the new paint.

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Cork Tiling

Introduction Cork tiles are warm to stand on, comfortable and quiet to walk over, but not suitable for areas where there will be heavy usage. They are made from bark of the cork oak tree that is ground, compressed to increase their density and heated. They are available as either natural or ready sealed by

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The Dewalt DC100KA 18V 1.3Ah Ni-Cd Cordless Combi Drill

First impressions of this kit is that it all seems very durable without being to heavy. The drill has a rubberised handle which aids the grip and is well balanced and comfortable when in use. The DC100 comes with a keyless chuck which makes bit changes easy and speedy.

The DC100 has 17 torque settings as well as a hammer mode, it also has 2 speed range settings but the speed can also be controlled via the trigger, making it a powerful drill. 

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