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Removing thick textured paper

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Thick, textured paper often covered with layers of emulsion is not an easy surface to remove. It is not advisable to sand the surface area. Some old coverings may contain asbestos and are more safely dealt with by keeping the surface damp to avoid inhaling any dust. It is a messy and time consuming job. Either use a steam stripper (see Using a steam stripper for more details) or, if it has not been covered with emulsion try soaking with water.

As the surface softens use a scraper to remove it, section by section, and have a bucket at hand to dispose of the waste material. If the surface has been coated with emulsion buy and use a textured paint remover. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

It is important to wear gloves and goggles for protection when dealing with chemicals. It may require more than one application to complete the task. Between applications wash the surface with soap and water to clarify the areas still in need of attention.

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