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Choosing the wallpaper adhesive

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It is very important to choose the correct adhesive for the chosen paper. Discoloration of the surface, not sticking to the wall or mould growth are all possibilities if the wrong adhesive is chosen.

All-purpose paste is suitable for all wallcoverings. It contains a fungicide, but as it is suitable for more than one type of paper, it can be more expensive.

Cold water paste can be used for all weights of paper. It is a starch based paste and is a traditional favourite as it tends to hold papers more firmly than regular cellulose paste.

Glue size is suitable for all bare surfaces to prevent them from absorbing the paste chosen for the wallpaper. Some adhesives can be diluted to be used as size. This adds to the adhesive quality of the paste.

Heavy duty paste is suitable for heavy wallpapers.

Lincrusta adhesive is a thick ready mixed paste, suitable for Lincrusta and other heavy wallpapers.

Ready mixed paste contains fungicide and because it comes ready mixed, tends to be more expensive. It is suitable for many kinds of wallpaper.

Regular paste is used with thinner papers and lining paper. It contains cellulose, is easy to spread and does not mark the surface.

Vinyl adhesive is a fungicide paste which discourages mould. It is suitable for all vinyl wallpapers.

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